Jubilation of Regenerative Generator Generation

Kacy Zander - July 2024

July 1 - 31, 2024

ReCreate has been functioning as a grassroots for 6 years now using artistic expression, holistic modalities and journeys into the wilderness leading one to the source of their own greatness and in awe of Mama Earth.

ReCreate's modalities have been practiced within the Social Justice Center and helped create space for our houseless community with the help of Madison Mutual Aid Network, Social Justice Center, and 608 Arts with Dane Arts providing the first grant.

My work there led me to Occupy Madison. As a grassroots I practice sacred economics which uses the tools timebanking, bartering, gifting, energy exchange and 100 percent trust in the universe.

Through timebanking I exchanged my services taking care of a woman and her house during her end stages of life.She passed away and the stars were aligned once again that led me to my new home of 4 years now within Occupy Madison with other USED to be houseless people.

The art you see here today was inspired by being still in late winter with my dog Halo in my tiny home. This mystical magical dwelling resides inside Occupy Madison created to hold space for many more to dream and create their future as they so choose it to be.

Ahhhhh the freedom to be and dream. Within these moments of bliss and stillness and all the other feelings in between through observation of contrast. These creations were made to bring life into some of my passions that also hold space for myself and others to play and learn more about mama earth and ourselves.

A big thanks to Stephanie Rearick, visionary of Madison MAN as this art show was also inspired by her as a way to return a loan from the Pay it Forward Fund which is a pool of funds created by the community. My car needed repair and I was able to obtain a loan to fix it! Your purchase of art today also helps keep that moving along so others can receive the same grace! Many thanks for keeping sacred economics alive and well!

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