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Golden Produce
Size: 1 Lemon

Mother Fool's House Blend Coffee

Mother Fool's
Size: 1 Pound
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A blend of Organic Mexican, Organic Dark Sumatran and Organic Peruvian. Cups as a solid medium roast. Roasted by Colectivo. The default is whole bean but, we are happy to grind it for you. Just leave a note in the checkout comment box and let us know what grind you would like.

Kitchen Roll Paper Towel

Right Choice
Size: 1 Roll, 85 Sheets


Organic Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Patterson Sugar Bush
Size: 375 ml

Face Mask - Snout - Adult Medium

Room To Breathe
Size: Adult Medium
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<strong>Room To Breathe Face Mask</strong>
The Room To Breathe face mask provides more space in front of the mouth than most conventional masks.

Snout with over-the-ear fastening or eleastic straps for behind the neck and/or head. Please let us know which style you want in the order comment.

<li>multi-layer construction utilizes both mechanical and electrostatic filtration, including soft high-thread-count woven cotton next to the face, an outer cloth later, and inner layer of polyester interfacing
<li>adjustable nose wire and pouch to secure fit and lessen the gap against the face
<li>elastic with adjustable toggles for looping around the ears (add a clip to fasten behind the head if desired)
<li>stabilizing over-the-head elastic cord

Let us know in the checkout comments if you have a color preference. We usually have a few solid (black or navy) and then patterns. Checkered, floral...

Burundi Natural Gahahe

Size: 1 Pound
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Burundi burst on to the specialty coffee scene in the late 2000s and has steadily gained fans for its washed and natural coffees. For those unfamiliar with naturals, the coffee cherries are harvested and dried like raisins, turning from deep red to purple to black. The cherries become hard and then are milled to strip the dried skin, pulp, and parchment shell all at the same time. Natural coffees typically exhibit an intense, fruit-forward flavor, with the dominant note in East African naturals being an unmistakable blueberry.

Gahahe is one of eight washing stations in Kayanza Province of northern Burundi that are owned and operated by the exporter Greenco. Colectivo visited several of these washing stations in June 2019and was very impressed with their quality standards for receiving cherries from small-scale producers. They produce both washed and natural lots, and we liked last year's Gahahe so much that we decided to offer it again. This year's lot features dried blueberry, dark chocolate, dried cranberry, and tangerine peel with a nice, silky body.

Under The Sun

Uvulittle Records
Size: 1 CD
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Music of Madison's Outdoor Festivals

During the summer of 1997, Studio Earth Remote Recording spent many hours recording as many performances as possible at Madison's outdoor festivals. After many frantic weeks of mixing and re-mixing and gathering imput from bands, the final selections were made. The result is "Under The Sun" a CD sampler that shows off many of the diverse sounds of Madison's music scene as presented publicly that year. Due to limitations of tape and schedules, some great performances were missed but this gives a nice snapshot.

Track List:

1 Honor Among Thieves - Vision & A Friend
2 Sotavento - Amacord
3 Las Toallitas - Doc in Chi IL
4 Your Mom SRO - Gumbo - Limbo
5 El Donk - Grandma
6 Mifflin Street Parade - Hanah Jon Taylor and Friends
7 Peter & Lou Berryman - Have you Heard about the Heat?
8 Cork'n'Bottle String Band - Whitehouse Blues
9 Elizabeth Schaefer Band - Whole Lotta Lines
10 The Quickies - Dont Touch Me
11 Rhoda - Enemy
12 Headpump - Cuckoo
13 Honor Among Thieves - Technical Jelly
14 Natty Nation - Glorify Rasta

Gunpowder Green Tea Bags - Organic

Size: 18 Bags
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Certified Organic. Contains Caffeine.

Frigid April

C T H Hullbott
Size: 11 x 17
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Casey T. H. Hulbott is an artist from Madison, Wisconsin that has a habit of illustrating conflicts of the mid 19th century, midwest life, and cats.

He is also a long time employee at Mother Fool's. We had a staff art show scheduled but then, covid. So, here is our modified staff art show, Part 1.

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