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This month's art show is
"Memento Mori Creatures of the Sea"
by Crystal Cudworth
"Artist Statement: Thinking about my familyís sea-faring history has led me into the direction that my current research and practice is following in which issues of..."
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Next month's art show will be
by Tony Shelton
"Artist bio and description of work: My name is Tony Shelton and Iím a Wisconsin native and Madison resident. I received my B.A. in Art Studio..."
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Soup's On! Mother Fool's serves Green Owl Cafe soups. Always vegan and always delicious. You may choose either a mug or a bowl, here or to go. Follow us at twitter for "soup of the day" info.

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  • East Side Ovens Vegan Bakery
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Upcoming Events in the cafe

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Fri, Feb 12
8:00 PM
Leah Brooke - Royal Jelly album release with Karen Wheelock and Dana Perry - $6Wisconsin Indie Rock artist, Leah Brooke, is an artful arranger of poetic oddity. Brooke's lyrical compositions are disenchanted portraits of the...more
Tue, Feb 16
5:00 PM
Art Reception for Crystal Cudworth
>>Art Show Info
Come meet February's featured artist, Crystal Cudworth.

5 - 8 pm

Free and open to the public...more
Wed, Mar 16
5:00 PM
Art reception for Tony Shelton
>>Art Show Info
Come meet March's artist.

5 - 7 pm

Free and open to the public...more
Fri, Mar 18
8:00 PM
Jorrit Dijkstra - $8Jorrit Dijkstra SOLO

The music of saxophonist and composer Jorrit Dijkstra (Eindhoven, Netherlands, 1966) draws from the jazz tradition in spirit and sound,...more
Sat, Mar 19
8:00 PM
A Kin - $6Shawn Neary is a son of the Middle West and his songs are of the same stock. He has lived in Southwest...more

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