Casey T. H. Hulbott is an artist from Madison, Wisconsin that has a habit of illustrating conflicts of the mid 19th century, midwest life, and cats. He is also a long time employee at Mother Fool's. We had a staff art show scheduled but then, covid. So, here is our modified staff art show, Part 1. [ more ]
“(Andy Ewen’s) imaginative drawings… writhe with unknown torments and secret glee, wry humor and mysterious energy. If the images are alien to our experience, the feelings they arouse are not: anxiety, entrapment, frustration, mad joy, mysterious ecstasy…
‘My work is eccentric but not elitist. I know my particular approach to art is a bit bent, but that’s just who I am—it’s not like I’m trying to be obtuse or anything like that. I mean, everybody has dreams. Everyone has weird things that go on... [ more ]
Artist bio: I am a potter living part time in Madison, Wisconsin, where was born and raised. I am attending Warren Wilson College in North Carolina where I am pursuing a BA degree in ceramics. I make unique wheel-thrown ceramic objects. I specialize in functional pottery that is wood or salt fired. All work is microwave and dishwasher safe.
To see more of my work check out my instagram @jrc_ceramics
Artist Statement: I’m a multimedia artist based in Madison, Wisconsin.
My designs begin as sketches from my imagination that I develop into layered technical drawings. I transform these into three dimensional shapes using a laser cutter at The Bodgery, a Madison-based makerspace. Each piece is individually cut from acrylic, wood or other materials, then hand-assembled and finished.
I delight in the challenge of bringing these ideas to fruition. With each new sculpture I explore ways to combine... [ more ]
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