Booking Info

Here's the deal for booking music or art at Mother Fool's.

Art - Stephanie books the art. Contact her using our Contact Page (choose "Art Booking"). Include a link to your work if possible. All of our art shows run for one calendar month.

Check out our art archive to get an idea of the sort of art we book.

Music - Jon does the music (and other event) booking. Contact him using our Contact Page (choose "Music Booking").

Do not call the cafe with booking requests. Please do not drop off or mail demos unless requested.

In general, we book a wide variety of styles. Most interested in artists that are doing something a bit more off the beaten path. We do 1 or 2 shows per week. Fridays and Saturdays only. Unless you are Dolly Parton don't call about weekdays. We don't book cover bands although we do present some old-timey stuff and yes, that's all covers... Also, due to the smallness of the venue, we can't do any really loud music. In addition to what you'd expect at a coffeehouse, we also do experimental music of various types, arty stuff, some rock...


  • Online listening is easiest. Please email me links to listen to full songs. Do not mail cassette/s, VHS or dvds.
  • If you are booking a tour and looking for specific dates, please bring this to my
  • Please follow up in a timely manner (1 - 3 weeks). This helps me keep
    track of everything.
  • We ONLY do music on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • We pay musicians 100% of the door. A typical cover charge is $6 to $10.
  • We have a small Rouge PA. It is small but works great for vocals.
    Musicians are also welcome to bring their own PA.
  • Mother Fool's is a smoke-free, all-ages venue.

Check out our music archive to get an idea of the sort of acts we book.

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