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Marketing Team Support Page

As a neighborhood business, Mother Fool's relies on our customers and friends to help spread the word about our delicious coffees, comfortable space, vegan treats, live music, and all the things that people like about us. .

To thank our dedicated volunteer marketers, we celebrate Marketing Team Appreciation Day every year on March 15. We acknowledge our promoters with free coffee and other treats for everyone who carries one of our mugs, wears one of ou pins or shirts or in some way works to advertise our little coffeehouse.


  • Shirts -- Download Stencils to make your own Mother Fool's shirts, jackets, backpacks, diapers and capes.
  • be creative...

Please let us know of any extra marketing work you do on our behalf (letters to the editor, postings on news groups, wearing our gear on TV, etc, etc.) by e-mailing us.

Thanks for all your help!! We love you.

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