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Sat, Feb 25
8:00 PM
Freedom Night [open mic]Open mic. Come read your latest poem or short story or play a song on the guitar. Tell some jokes, etc. Open mic at Mother Fool's!

Host: Angelica Engel
Fri, Mar 3
8:00 PM
The Madtown Poetry Open Mic w/ Featured Reader, Andy GricevichAndy Gricevich has played music for pretty much all his life, and it probably influences everything he does in some way--even the way he soaps his elbows (if he soaps his elbows). For a decade, he did it for a living, performing satirical songs with the Prince Myshkins and strange chamber music with the Nonsense Company. He's been getting the bug again to sing whenever he can. He also runs the Oscar Presents reading series here in Madison, and intends to start publishing Cannot Exist magazine before too long. As always, he finds it a little embarrassing to write about himself in the third person.The Madtown Poetry Open Mic, hosted by Ron Czerwien at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse, welcomes all forms of poetry. Readers in the open mic are invited to read their original work for up to five minutes. Sign up starts at 7:30pm and the event begins at 8:00pm.

For over ten years Ron hosted poetry readings as well as an open mic at Avol's Bookstore in Madison. His poems have appeared both on-line and in print journals. His manuscript, "The Office of Uncomfortable Admissions," received an honorable mention in the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Contest. Ron serves on the board of The Council for Wisconsin Writers, and sells used and out-of-print books on-line under the name Avol's Books LLC. If you have questions about the open mic, call Ron at 608-255-4730, or email him at avols@chorus.net.
Sat, Mar 11
8:00 PM
BEEFUS w/ Bunnygrunt and Googolplexia - $6The world's only purveyors of skeezy skunk-funk and meta-meat-fork feedcore jive, BEEFUS are an 8-piece ensemble with an urgent message for all hu-mans. It's hard for mortal minds to figure out just what this message means sometimes, but it has to do with hellbeast squid lords, faceless corporate torture-minions, and sexy mutants of many limb-configurations coming together to lay eggs and rejoice. Irresistibly devolved and weirder than Rod Serling's happy meal toy, BEEFUS show will leave you blissfully brain-drained and eating the dirt from between your toes. For tonight's performance, BEEFUS have gone Full Blewgrass and will port rustic lyres of appropriate bucolic minstrelsy.

Bunnygrunt started off twee but spent so much time on the road that they learned how to rock. The missing link between Teenage Fanclub and Teenage Wasteland, like a bat out of hell baby, Bunnygrunt was born to run. They’ve been tearing it up for years now—legends of the underground teaching the indie kids how to rock and the rockers how to weep.

With his electric banjo and ukulele, accordion and trombone kazoo, Robert Severson has crafted Saint Louis, Missouri's Googolplexia into a one-man outsider vaudeville. Severson stomps, claps, and gurgles into the disparate, cobwebbed corners of American music and sometimes beyond. Song to song, Googolplexia swings between styles and strategies, evoking Elvis, Belafonte, Whitney Houston, Gene Austin, Andy Kaufman, The Ink Spots, Yves Montand, karaoke, opera-from-scratch, improv comedy, Shakespeare, Smokey Robinson, gypsy, calypso, bal-musette . . . ; but whether it's a song about a giant monster fish, heartbreak and working fast food, his beloved Volvo 240, or even an off-the-cuff cover, Severson's crackling, three-steps-ahead wit and pyrotechnical phrasing give the songs beating hearts.

Sat, Mar 18
8:00 PM
James the Magician. $6
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James the Magician has been performing magic for 30 years (since the age of 5). He has performed his comedic style of magic for all sizes of audiences doing close-up, parlor and stage magic. Come share with him his favorite style of magic in the parlor at Mother Fools.

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