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Show Dates: 2017-01-01 - 2017-01-31
Title: Strength in us, we're ready
Artist: Clairanne Godfrey
Bio: Clairanne Godfrey is a printmaker and screen printer, and a graduate of St. Olaf College (BA, 2013). She currently resides in Madison, WI and is a special student in the graduate department at UW Madison. This fall she took an advanced Intaglio Printmaking class and plans on entering a printmaking collective this spring. She has entered some of her more current work into zines and small local and national shows. She has hands-on experience with designing and making prints for other people such as creating posters for bands and screen printing wedding programs.

Description of Work: The work in this show stems from her response to the 2016 presidential election. Instead of accepting the inevitable, it is very important for us to unite and fight back. These four pieces are each of a woman doing something empowering. Not all of these actions are outright, but each action demonstrates strength and power in some way. One is speaking out, another is reading, another is writing, and in the last one she is protesting. It is essential that these women are from different backgrounds, nationalities and religions just as it is in the real world. While only creating four pieces, of course she could not represent every woman and she definitely did not include every being affected by the changes in America. She hopes that this idea can be expanded upon in the future.

The significance of the shape of each print, a circle, is intentional and fits in well with each piece individually and together. A circle can represent sacredness and divinity, and typically generates similar meanings anywhere around the world. A circle also represents the infinite nature of energy, as well as the inclusivity of the universe.

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