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Show Dates: 2016-01-01 - 2016-01-31
Title: Early Spring
Artist: Scott Hansen
Artist Statement:

As an artist, I have been trying to use acrylic as a mode of expression. If an artist is know to suffer for his art, I guess that makes me one, trying to create a world to live in. The colors are simply what I see as part of an object-subject. The objects you see are closer than you see.

Sometimes I try to bring more of creation to what might be plainly seen, a kind of heightened perception. And as everything is open to interpretation, no need for translation, and, if in turmoil, given the fact it isn't new, much like an early spring.

"A garden is planned and we awaken to another life. God is dead."

Scott was born and raised in, and currently lives in, Wisonsin. He always had an interest in art and started painting in acrylic in his later years. He is a part of a travelling show with the Very Special Arts (VSA) and has, along with others, received an award from the Governor's office for his art. When he isn't painting or reflecting on his work, his hobbies are reading, going for walks, and visiting with friends. Scott was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 21 and has been searching for answers regarding the journey home. His art is somewhat abstract, with some realities drawn from nature. His colors bring a new focus. The canvas can do miracles in color and scents, as when life germinated in a rosebud, crushed and broken on the virgin snow. "Gabriel come blow your horn."

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