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"Trade Money For Coffee"

Art Archive - 2013

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Show Dates: 2013-12-01 - 2013-12-31
Title: Treehouse Art
Artist: Miriam Jackson
Artist statement:
SSea creatures vintage secret train, Muppet toys, library. In RV at swap meet with black lights, selling masks. In a motorhome in the morning I made coffee, baked chocolate cake that inflated. Trying to ride a train vertically up a cliff, doc martins fell off. Pirate got out of the army wearing a jeans vest covered in pins and buttons on one shoulder. Workers were getting new jeans coveralls. In scrap wood, I found a landscape painting done by a wayfarer. Church lady trying to get me to work for her. She was going to get a cow for me to milk. My friend tagged up my whole street previously, I was skateboarding down it. Giant studio space life drawing class. I had done a few ninja turtle drawings. Roof top industrial space, found bag of glass bottles, took for recycle. Drinking melted ice water. Tree with sandbags tied to some branches with ropes, frank Zappa tree.



2010 - Wyotech Daytona, Motorcycle Technician Certification

2002 - Oberlin College, BA

1998 - Madison West Highschool


2014 tba, The Highland Cafe. Los Angeles, California. (forthcoming)

2013 Bloom Lyfe, The Highland Cafe. Los Angeles, California.

2013 Truck Life, The Highland Cafe. Los Angeles, California.

2009 untitled, The Little Falls Cafe. Cranston, Rhode Island.

2007 untitled, Cafe Zog. Providence, Rhode Island.

2006 bi-monthly temporary sidewalk murals, Happy Dumpling. Providence, Rhode Island.

2002 untitled, Starbucks. San Francisco, California.


2013 City and Self, Red Pipe Gallery. Los Angeles, California.


2012 Apprentice builder, Earl Kane's Cycle Art. San Pedro, CA.

2013 Artist in residence, Miraflores Colony. San Pedro , CA.


2007 Art teacher, YMCA Summer camp. Providence, Rhode Island.

Contact: miriamjcjackson@gmail.com

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