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Show Dates: 2013-08-01 - 2013-08-30
Title: Rusty Marks
Artist: Cathy Missaghi

I have been creating art in one form or another all my life; it is how I exist in this world. When making something I am at peace, fully occupied, and at one with the work.

Love of beautiful things and the desire to preserve them or recreate them has enticed me to use many different mediums textile, oil, watercolor, pastel, building a repertoire of skills. My favorite medium at the moment is encaustic mixed media because it allows me to use many of these skills.

Recently I have begun to show my work. I was the emerging artist at the 2013 Art at Highland Show in St.Paul, Minnesota.

Current Work: "Rusty Marks"

I spent many years living in Africa, running an antique shop where oak furniture was restored. I loved the bits and pieces of rusty iron that naturally collected in the workshop. Years later, those fond memories led me to collect pieces of rusty iron and incorporate them into my artwork.

In my current body of work I begin each piece by creating a rust print as a base on which to make a nature inspired encaustic painting. All my work is done on quality paper, some of which I make myself, or on cradle birch canvas board. Beeswax and damar resin, oils, pastels , rust and other mixed media are used to create beautiful paintings with a weathered texture to the surface. Both the love of rust and the African influence comes through the layers of beeswax skillfully applied to create an ancient feel.

My art is about seeing the beauty of time and nature upon the world. I enjoy manipulating the material to create something intriguing and beautifully aged. The inspiration comes from the materials themselves whether created , found or from my photography of the world around me. The intention is to pass the joy and intrigue I experience in making the piece on to the viewer and to create a curiosity that will make owning the piece of art an on-going pleasure.

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