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Show Dates: 2009-11-01 - 2009-11-30
Title: Plants and Animals
Artist: Twyla Clark
Artist Statement:

Plants and Animals

Photographs of organisms in modified habitats and other work

An exhibit by artist and photographer Twyla Clark

In my photographs, I like to document created moments and manipulate objects to tell a story or create an experience. Both the acts of making the work and of viewing it are important parts of the process for me. Images might start out as a way to play with or investigate an idea, a place, or some object that strikes my curiosity.

I am fascinated by scientific imagery especially collections. There is a sterility and isolation that doesn't exist in the real world. I find it visually satisfying and at the same time conflicted, telling a distorted version of the truth. With my test tube pictures I wanted to see what plants grown completely separate from their usual environment - with only distilled water, air and sunshine - might look like.

I have recently started working on a project called "sidewalk herbal." I want to make botanical portraits of some of my favorite sidewalk weeds. These plants are often overlooked but have a long history of use and often are beautiful and full of character in their own rights.

Twyla Clark grew up in Madison, WI and loves learning about plants, wild foods, herbs, and all of the ways that our environment, our bodies and our cultures interact. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Photography from Antioch College.

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