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Art Archive - 2008

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Show Dates: 2008-07-01 - 2008-08-30
Title: Mosaic: A Conversation on the Versatility of Medium and Genre
Artist: Rachel Kruse
Artist Statement

My work is designed to engage the viewer through the use of bold, warm colors and surface variation (matte, glossy, woodgrain, stain, etc.) to look closer and identify materials used in the artwork. Oils are my primary choice for color and texture because of the rich color achieved, and the brush strokes are rather like using putty to create lines. I apply paint with fabric, brushes, or plastic utensils to create different effects.

Subject is secondary in importance, and often a concept "reveals" itself during the creative process. Wood is an interesting surface to work on because it has its own characteristics and "fingerprint", the subject sort of evolving from this. I have experimented with many surfaces before settling on wood, including plexiglass, mirror, and even gessoed bedsheets. Woodburning made possible lines and gloss I couldn't achieve with any other method than drawing, so I began experimenting with different burning tips to achieve shading, text, and line.

As a whole, I think my body of work will speak of a concept called "Zeitgeist": Art as a vital, dynamic and constantly changing process in which mood and time determine the reception of the work and its impact. (from Taschen, Masterpieces of Western Art in 900 Individual Studies).

Enjoy the show!

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