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Art Archive - 2008

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Show Dates: 2008-04-01 - 2008-04-30
Title: The Black Line
Artist: Breena Wiederhoeft
Artist Statement:
My paintings are snap shots of a population and environment that exist with one foot in my imagination and one foot in real life. Heavily influenced by comic artists and Expressionist painters, the outline is an irremovable player in my paintings. The outline has allowed me to break free of constricting visual ideals in depicting the human form, resulting in a new kind of human subject, one which is fresh, unhampered by formality. This subject is readily placed into context, then, an emotional context created by bold color, active mark-making, careful design and yet reckless application, moved not by expectation but by instinct and empathetic expression. The subjects captured in my paintings are hard working, humble, hopeful, and spiritual. In a culture that is increasingly self-deprecating, these adjectives are not popular, which is why I feel compelled to remind the viewer that they are still relevant. Any act of creation is reflective of a greater Creation, and my intention for my paintings is to embrace this idea.

The difficult part should be writing about my art. Writing about myself should be easy, especially when you consider how simple my life story has been thus far. As a child I enjoyed art, and I enjoyed parents who encouraged me in art. I attended a government sponsored university (UW-Milwaukee) and earned a degree in painting and drawing, and this was only a few years ago. Since completing this formal education I have really begun to learn things, about art and about myself (not to belittle my learning experience in college, which was really something!) Most of my life has occurred in Wisconsin, first in Green Bay, then Milwaukee, now Madison. Somewhere in the middle there was a brief excursion to California where I painted the first piece of art that I would actually sell. It was a painting of two cartoon figures having a speech bubble conversation, which proved to me and anyone who cared to listen that comic imagery can be a perfectly valid form of "high art." This was important to me, because much of my art work has, through the years, taken the form of comics and cartoons. My current work, though I like to think it is somewhat serious, retains much of that comic influence. I have come to embrace the outline. I have also come to embrace the relative simplicity of my narrative, from its humble Midwestern geography to its predictable workaday patterns. This even surface makes it easier to really see things. I enjoy seeing things. I see people and I am inspired. I see my desire and ability to draw and paint as a gift, one which comes with a responsibility. I see myself as someone who must never stop growing, and I see that art is one way for me to continue that growth. Breena Wiederhoeft currently works and paints in Madison, WI. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2005 with a Bachelors in Fine Art. She also blogs, draws comics, and hums an occasional melody.

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