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Art Archive - 2005

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Show Dates: 2005-12-01 - 2005-12-31
Title: Mercurial
Artist: Sarah Marie Muehlbauer
Art has always been an interest of mine, but it was only when I got to college that I came to realize how fundamental it is to my character.  I'm in my fourth year of undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is essentially a time to indulge your interests, think deeply and live passionately. This period in my life thrown me more challenges than expected, but has made me more appreciative of essentially every aspect of my life.
Which brings me to my art.  In my childhood I was constantly outdoors, fully immersed in the beauty of the Midwest.  The older I got, the less time I spent appreciating nature, and the more I began to identify myself with the fast-paced, supersaturated, media-controlled contemporary world.  Visually and conceptually I still felt a deep-rooted connection to forms in nature, but was equally connected to elements of graffiti and popular culture.  The natural forms that I portray become pathetic fallacy, with each piece I make communicating inherent emotional significance and personal narrative that‘s been analyzed and processed through a screen of contemporary influences.  For the viewer each piece is meant to stretch universal thoughts and ideas about nature, beauty, and the human experience.

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