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Art Archive - 2005

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Show Dates: 2005-08-05 - 2005-08-31
Title: Watercolors and acrylics with ink
Artist: Larry Price

How can I convey (with few words) who I am and why I create? I don't have the answers. I like some of the same things as other people and I'm inspired by some of the same things. I guess maybe I paint to communicate something and painting is just one way of doing that. Writing is not easy for me so I'll let the paintings tell their story and maybe you'll see something meaningful that speaks to you.

I've been in Madison for a year and a half now and there are a couple of things I've noticed that are unique to Madison. The first thing that struck me is the cultural division between east and west and secondly almost everyone has an opinion, good or bad doesn't matter, having one is more important than not having one. I like the progressive nature of Madison.

I started drawing at an early age with whatever I could get my hands on - around the same time I started playing the piano and gardening and cooking. I'm hungry for experiences.

These watercolors are a sample of what I do. I also paint large acrylic paintings on masonite or canvas. From time to time I make mobiles or collages. I was a baker once for twelve years and a chauffeur for a long while, I guess for me art doesn't really end at the edges of paper or canvas.

I hope you'll find these paintings entertaining and if you ever want to see the other work I do you can call me or talk to me at Lazy Jane's Cafe (I work there almost every weekend) and we'll set up an appointment for you to come by the studio.

My phone number is (608) 658. 4411 or you can
send me an e-mail at larrysart@charter.net


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