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Art Archive - 2004

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Show Dates: 2004-05-01 - 2004-05-30
Title: Touch of Art
Artist: Paul Briskey
Many of the pieces will be of the interior of Mother Fools because I go there a lot and make many sketches that are the basis for my oils and water colors. The show will also include a couple of my floral landscapes too. I enjoy rich color and texture while maintianing a feel of sponteous fun within recognizable paintings. Many of the oils will be 30 by 40 inches and I will include some 5'x7' framed water colors too.

I was born in Madison Wisconsin but grew up in Southern New Jersey. I attended high school in Corvallis, Oregon and it was between my junior and senior year that a friend and I bicycled across the US from Corvallis, Oregon to Washington D.C. I got my B.S. degree in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. When I graduated in 1988 I did not have a job so I joined my parents in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait. My father worked at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and I got a job in the library of an American school. I have traveled a great deal in Africa, Europe and Asia and except during the Gulf War and for a year during which I worked and had a shows in Oregon, I spent almost 10 years in Kuwait. In 1998 I moved to Central New Jersey and continued to pursue my art career while getting a Masters degree in Education from Monmouth University. For the last year I have lived in Madison Wisconsin.

The reception will be May 16th 7-9pm.

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