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Art Archive - 2003

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Show Dates: 2003-03-01 - 2003-04-01
Title: Justification of Women for children and adults
Artist: Laurel Lee
Justification of Women for children and adults

This group of drawings created themselves. I did not know I was drawing a history of women until about half way through the drawings. Then I saw woman in global history.
I did know I was very frustrated with my life. This work is a calling for help, by being strong and positive about human potential. This work was started in 1997 and finished by 1998.
I have a degree studio arts and art education. My work has been included in studies by feminists of leading institutions. I have lived only in Wisconsin with short stays in Minnesota. I am a Lesbian but many of the women are not identified by sexual orientation.
The purpose of the work is to look at difficult issues of our societies, such as religion, race, class, and sexual orientation. I?m trying to make a less violent world for myself and others, by to taking as much of the taught hatred out of history as I can see, without turning a blind eye on truth.
Personal opinions are identified and learned facts are documented in a bibliography. There are thirty drawings of women.
Laurel Lee

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