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Art Archive - 2003

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Show Dates: 2003-01-01 - 2003-02-01
Title: untitled
Artist: Paul Abramson
A self-described photo documentarian for 30 years, Abramson's pictures are of two subjects primarily: lost gas stations and roadside oddities.
Unlike many American males of his mid boomer generation, Paul's road romance is with chickenmobiles, and funny old buildings rather than engines or rpms. "At age five I got my first kiss in an Amoco station grease pit, next door to my family's home. Growing up in New Jersey, I learned to see such places as tourist attractions and faux modern service station architecture as things of beauty and comfort rather than misguided clutter.
"By the time I got a decent camera in the 1970s after escaping to Wisconsin, such places here were scarce. In the 70s I began to capture this region's petroliana, and I haven't stopped.
Paul's philosophies in this pursuit are these:

* "One may pine for an America where fuel-efficient cars and public transportation leave fossil fuels in the ground, but we're still using gas stations for something besides candy bars."
* "Why make things up when the truth is so unbelievable?"
* "History is what we make it."
Abramson began marketing his images in 1998. His work is in the City of Omro Wisconsin Historical Society collection, and was featured in 1000 Friends of Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial Statehood Day Exhibit.
His photographic note cards can be purchased at Saviore Faire and Mallatt's Pharmacy, Madison; Bull Moose Mercantile, Princeton; and The Omro Gallery.

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