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Art Archive - 2000

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Show Dates: 2000-07-01 - 2000-07-31
Title: "de mes 'tik"
Artist: Caitlin Perkins
Visual pondering and sketches about a domestic things: cultivation, cooking. Works include prints and mixed media pieces; connected by unique use of line and some wild abstraction.

The humble peapod becomes an archetypal symbol in these works a wild and spiritual vessel. Asparagus, the squash, rice and wooden spoons also make their appearances along with curious sketches of an apron from the 50s I have been hauling around for years, haunting me questions about who actually wore it. It certainly wouldnt protect me from my cooking style with flour flying and onions making me weep I guess a mechanics coverall suit would be the best protection from the food I love to play with.

I have chosen to hang these works in an unassuming and approachable way, on clothesline with clothespins. This makes the artwork appear as humble as it does in my studio as I work on it. Not fussy artworks, but part of the simple day to day "visual art chores" they are.

I enjoy making these pieces; they allow me to make quick references to the objects and then move on. I can ponder a domestic life that I so often wish to emulatemy seasonal need to drag out the pressure cooker and can salsa and jam.

From sketchbook

I play housewife to a sharp cornered piece of my mind buried deep; the urge to nest so often defeated by the need to make my way in the world.

* Selected Exhibitions 1999 Hand Vibrations. Cafe Assisi Collective Coffeehouse, Madison, WI. Solo exhibition of prints and paintings.
* 1999 Women on the Edge of Time. Commonwealth Gallery, Madison, WI. Annual group exhibit by members of the Central Wisconsin Women's Caucus for Art (CWWCA).
* 1999 Art and Spirit. 7th Floor Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Group exhibit of 6 artists exploring the concept of art and spirituality. Funded by a grant through the Evjue Foundation.
* 1998 Outrageous Acts & Little Intimacies. Commonwealth Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin. Annual group exhibit by members of the Central Wisconsin Women's Caucus for Art (CWWCA).
* 1998 Constant Cravings. Constance Lindholm Fine Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A juried exhibit exploring people's obsessions with food.
* 1998 Suitcase Show. Cultural Congress of Wisconsin, Steven's Point, Wisconsin.
* 1998 Hybrid Cultures; Crossing Borders. Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada. A collaborative exhibition between the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Young Women and Student Caucus of the Women's Caucus for Art.
* 1998 Feminist Perspectives: Arts, Media, Activism. University of Wisconsin, Madison. 12th Annual National Feminist Graduate Student Conference. Site specific art/media installations to bridge discourses and encourage dialogue among feminists.
* 1997 Change Becomes Us. Commonwealth Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin. Annual group show of the CWWCA.
* 1996 Young Picassos. 516 University Art Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Benefit exhibition by the Friends of Art for the University of New Mexico Art Department.
* 1990 New Transitions. Intervale Design, Ideal and Art Center, Intervale, New Hampshire. Curated by Dia Stolnitz. Projects
* 1999 Creative Agenda. WORT 89.9 FM radio program. A collective radio program exploring the issue of the arts in a local context. Reporting, sound editing and producing.
* 1999 Wisconsin High School Mentors Program Art Exhibit. 7th Floor Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Semester project working with high school student. This collaboration culminated in a group exhibit of all artists and high school students. Funded by a grant through the Evjue Foundation.
* 1995 Spring Symposium. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M. Organized by Karen Godfried. A university sponsored project to create site specific sculptures using concrete. Collaboration with 4 other artists.

* Awards/Honors 1995 Wortham Akin Scholarship. An art award through the University of New Mexico.
* 1991-95 New Hampshire Charitable Fund Art Scholarship.
* 1993 Studio Award. School of Architecture, University of New Mexico.
* 1991 General Federation of Women's Clubs. Art scholarship. 1
* 990 Young Ambassador to Japan through the Japan/U.S. Senate, scholarship.
* 3 months of experience on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Taught English and visited a variety of Japan's visual and theatrical arts organizations.

* Art Associations 1997-99 Member of the Central Women's Caucus for Art. President of organization, 1999.

* Education 1996 B.F.A., Magna Cum Laude, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

Contact Info Caitlin Perkins
1134 Jenifer Stree #2
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 286-0251


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