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Show Dates: 2006-05-01 - 2006-05-30
Artist: Dal Lazlo
Dal Lazlo's artwork is a distillation of his encounters and obsessions. His work, especially collage paintings and art on paper, seem to be a kind of arcane ephemera--ragged announcements of a psychological nature, a crossing of beauty and essences of violence. A sincere psychoanalytical release, these images are surrealism in its purest form and intent, a language beyond words, an attempt at transcendence through transgression.

Dal Lazlo has exhibited on the West Coast and throughout the Midwest and his work is in numerous private collections. His education includes the San Francisco Art Institute, the Chicago Art Institute, and the Chicago Academy of Art. In addition to painting, he has directed and co-directed numerous experimental films. He is the founder of a radical art movement called, Dada Loco, that has been functioning since the 1970s.

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