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Show Dates: 2004-02-01 - 2004-02-29
Title: untitled
Artist: David Mueller
About the Artist:

I have always been interested in art and all things visual. At age four it was coloring books, at twenty-four it's oil on canvas. My pursuit in the art world landed me in Milwaukee, WI the last five years where I attended the Peck School of the Arts at UWM and achieved a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing and a Minor in Art History and Criticism. I've exhbited both paintings and illustrations in several Milwaukee galleries and also contribute to a collaborative comic book entitled, The Riverurst. Recently, a friend and I opened a small, independent studio called the Academy of Unconventional Art where we offer classes in both oil painting and figure drawing. Being an instructor has aided me in artistic endeavors, however, I'm not quite done being a student, so in the Fall, I will pursue my M.F.A. at UW-Madison. I look forward to Madsion's aid in my bettering as an artist as well as the opportunity to bring my aesthetic to a new audience.

The work itself is about telling the stories of an introverted extrovert, using visuals as narrations rather than text or oration. The key to telling a good tale is to accurately understand who you're telling it to. When I realized that my audience was the same kind of crowd that I would buy a round for at the bar, the stories became more accurately realized and presented.

My work has the intent to make gallery owners and graffiti artists smile in unison. The culture I represent sees spray paint as a medium of choice and a night at a good punk-rock show as elite as a night with a symphony orchestra. It's all about where people put there passions, and although my narratives are that of this "counter-culture" they are presented in a manner that can be enjoyed from either side of the spectrum.

I take inspirations from a range of art historical references, from the emotional early German expressionists, to the cubists concerned with time and space, to the illustrators of the Sunday comics whose concern for making people smile acts as communication of their own personal views. It seems that it is always a combination of ideas that makes art move forward, and being in the middle of many ideas is where things become interesting.

This is where I find myself... stuck in the middle. I'm wedged in a place between high and low art, feeling like I need a shot of whiskey whem I'm at a gallery, but always curious about the artwork on the wall at my favorite bar. This is a medium that is not always all that comfortable, but consistently inspiring and full of realizations.

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