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Show Dates: 2009-02-01 - 2009-02-28
Title: Replacing Natural Ties-The Domino Effect
Artist: Stevie Krueger
Having lived from mountains to sea level, Stevie Krueger has an eye for the unusual and sometimes forgotten obvious. She was encouraged to be creative through all of her formative years and was able to find much solace in nature and enjoying all outdoor activities.  These qualities are evident in all artistic endeavors that she embarks upon.
Stevie Krueger's media choice will vary from 2D forms, such as painting, and digital imagery, to 3D forms of metal assemblage and found objects, however the themes through the works are consistent in reflecting her deep passion for nature.  Stevie spent a majority of the 90's with acclaimed success in creating metal sculptures for outdoor and indoor spaces including mobiles and fountains.  After a short reprieve from art to attain a higher education, she has taken what she learned in her college courses, especially regarding environmental issues, and is now using that as the foundation for her latest collection of found object sculptures.

In conclusion she hopes this abstract conservation speaks to you.

Stevie Krueger's website.

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