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Show Dates: 2008-12-01 - 2008-12-31
Title: Cup of Tea
Artist: Laura Anderton
Artist Statement: My artwork is born from a love of texture, pattern, and the absurd. Collage and the quest for new and unusual material creates a life of its own, totally apart from the initial sketch or idea. My favorite part of any artwork is the unintended mistake; an accident which is allowed to live in harmony with the artwork, the randomness of life coexisting with the artist's idea. I believe life is uncontrollable, beautiful, and strange, and that happiness comes from embracing - not fighting - the forces that influence our lives.

Bio: Laura Anderton has studied art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the School of Visual Arts in New York and Warwick University in England. Her art has been displayed in numerous galleries, as well as being published in books and magazines. She currently works as a full-time Graphic Designer in downtown Madison. She is married and has two cats.

Although Laura draws in a wide variety of styles and media, her first love has always been the Anime/Manga style. She loves the Japanese culture and has visited the country twice, as well as studying the Japanese language for two years at the UW.

Larua is a founding member of Geek.Kon – a convention for all things geek held in Madison. She is head of production and also runs Artist Alley, where talented artists from around the region come to show their work. She has also been a staff artist for the hugely popular Anime Central convention in Chicago, where she also taught "how to draw anime" classes for kids. Laura also holds drawing classes for children in libraries around Madison, where her work has also been displayed.

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