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Show Dates: 2008-11-01 - 2008-11-30
Title: Rust Shots
Artist: Sarah Bauman
Sarah Bauman has been taking photographs since high school, where she enjoyed the process of capturing an image in the camera and reinventing it on paper in the darkroom.  She has progressed to taking pictures from a basic digital camera where she photographs objects or patterns which she sees differently than how normally viewed.  She enjoys taking abstract photos which entice viewers to contemplate the image and try to see it through her own eyes.  Much of her photographs are in the complexity of nature which can be seen everywhere.  She likes to focus on the details of one simple aspect of nature like the textures and colors of bark after a rainstorm, the remarkable patterns of leaves, and the color and beauty of flowers.  Her latest obsession has been rust.  The effects and color which are found in rust are astounding.  She has discovered that beauty can be found even where there's destruction and deterioration.

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