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Show Dates: 2008-02-01 - 2008-02-29
Title: wacky art
Artist: robin lee
robin lee doesn't capitalize his first and last name because he is both humble and lazy. robin lee likes to paint watercolors, his friends and him call it 'Wacky Art.' robin lee ain't as good at painting as he is at thinking about what to paint, he's more of a visionary. He gets most of his visions from society. robin lee went to school at Stevens Point but now lives on Willy street and spends most of his time painting pictures and looking for places to apply his skills. if you know of a good place for robin lee to apply his skills you should contact him. He is the co-founder and creative consultant of the www.leftoverbags.com, co-editor and founder of 'The Kit-n-Kaboodle' art and writing zine, he is the webdirector and founder of www.creativecollectivity.com, he is a Gene Ween impersonator in the band 'Warm Wet Rag: a Tribute to Ween,' and he's a pretty nice guy. robin's tries really hard to make good art and he hopes that people will like it.

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