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Show Dates: 2008-01-01 - 2008-01-31
Title: Madison in drawings and photos
Artist: Daniella Maria
Artist Bio:
Daniella Maria grew up in southeastern Connecticut and attended Univ. of Connecticut for Fine Art & Women's studies. Discovering that UCONN was not for her she left in pursuit of a new life in Madison, Wisconsin. Shortly after arrival, her romance with art was rekindled and Daniella has been drawing, photographing, and designing for Madison's local businesses and bands since 2004.

Artwork Description:
Daniella's artwork has been described as poignant, serene, and "friggen awesome". This collection of photography, taken in and around an abandoned building at Avery Point in Groton, CT - captures a once glorious mansion set on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, turned industrial storage space, and now consumed by vines and decayed by time. It is portrait of southeastern Connecticut, reflected in the rooms and halls of the Branford House Mansion.

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