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Show Dates: 2007-11-01 - 2007-11-30
Title: A Fence and a Cage
Artist: Michael Randall
"A Fence and a Cage" – A photographic experiment by Michael Randall

The result of several years of intermittent traveling provided me with a wealth of photographs from various continents; however, in planning an exhibit I knew that I did not want to simply print and frame the selected images in the usual manner. Thus, this project became more of a mixed media experiment.

I was fortunate enough to have assisted an artist named Linda Salerno while in the Swiss Alps and learned a method of transferring images with gel and iron-on transfers. This concept is rooted in the desire to create warmth within the image while using the respective painted canvases to enhance or accent the tones within the photographs. As the transfers are somewhat translucent the underlying color and texture of the canvas greatly affects the resulting image.

As a result of recent legislation and a continuing onslaught of negativity in regards to new immigration into this country I felt that I needed to convey a message with this experiment. This country is of course founded on ideals that, at least in theory, promote the influx of new citizens and their cultural and philosophical intricacies. However, in recent years the government and a supporting faction of the population have attempted to negate this quintessential ideal. Coupled with this government’s insistence on destroying relationships with foreign leaders and the populations they serve, they have built not only a barrier to reject but also to isolate.

Therefore, I wanted to display some of these beauties that I was fortunate enough to meet while outside the aforementioned barrier. However, to simply hand them to an audience in the usual fashion would do no justice. The images must be thwarted, skewed, and complicated both visually and metaphorically. I humbly believe that one must look out to see in, and in to see out; understand the barrier, its supposed purpose, its presence, its necessary destruction.


Michael Randall is from earth. He lives and laughs there. He is humanoid. He is a mutt.

He is also trapped in the interweb where he can be contacted at emptyrandall@hotmail.com

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