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Show Dates: 2007-10-01 - 2007-10-31
Title: Thesis Revisited
Artist: Aaron Wilbers
"Thesis Revisited" - A retrospective by Aaron Wilbers

Ten years ago I had my solo thesis exhibit at Clarke College, in Dubuque, Iowa. The title of the show was “Presence & Structure”, which consisted of seven tile works and three paintings. The central theme was the juncture of spirit and flesh in the human being, illustrated by sculpted figures in clay, overlapped by painting on Plexiglas and wood. The three paintings on canvas represented the productive and destructive capacity of humans.

I have recently revisited these pieces and adapted them by removing the Plexiglas and reformatting the composition, therein changing the meaning of the pieces and increasing their visual impact. In this show, I've included works which still showcase the physical human experience as well as the spiritual.

In the diptych of “Expectant Man” and “Expectant Woman” the man and woman late in life, reach out towards the transition into their future and to each other for support. “Birth” is a lush, formative environment. Reminiscent of medical illustrations, “Presence and Structure” presents the physical structure of a body and the awareness of a mind. Last of the tiles, “Departure” is a view of peaceful death in a natural setting.

The painting “The Ease of Destruction” is a commentary on the ability to tear down. “Precarious Balance” is an observation and study of choice. Finally, “Amassing the Elements” is a tribute to creation. I hope you enjoy the show, and I invite you to view more of my work on my website. Please contact me with any questions and comments.

Thank you,
Aaron Wilbers

Aaron grew up near Linn, Missouri, a small rural town seated in a region of rolling hills, rivers, farms and woodlands. Spending his formative years among nature and country life fostered the growth of his down-to-earth philosophy and love of the outdoors.

His childhood was spent playing outside with siblings or pets and inside coloring and drawing. These hobbies were well suited to his quiet nature and attention to detail.

His passion for the visual arts continued through high school and led him to enroll at Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa. Clarke is a small school, which provided enriching opportunities to help mold Aaron into a well-rounded youth. He graduated in December of 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in oil painting and sculpture.

He returned to Missouri after gaining employment at the Columbia Daily Tribune as a Creative Ad Designer. After more than four years, he decided to make the leap into self-employment and became a Freelance Designer and Artist. Aaron currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin and continues to paint and freelance design.

The majority of Aaron’s works are realistic oil paintings. The subject matter ranges from still lifes of peculiar objects to cattle and wildlife. He has a peculiar sense of humor, which is sometimes visible in his work.

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