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Event Archive - 2000

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Jan 7, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Tomato Box
Jan 8, 2000Sometimes Y
Jan 14, 2000Yammer w/ Amelia Royko
Jan 15, 2000Andy Ewen & Frankie Lee
Jan 21, 2000Pascal
Jan 22, 20004 Sexy Divas Heather Abney, Molly Krochalk, Marie Knudson and, Shauna Wells.
Jan 23, 2000Art Reception, 6 - 8 pm.The art show through January 31 is the work of children, 6 - 11 years of age, currently enrolled in the elementary program at Madison Central Montessori school, under the guidance of their Afterschool Program teacher, Cheri Brubake
Jan 28, 2000Open Mic w/ host Molly Todd
Jan 30, 2000Steve Glojek & Cory Lensing w/ David Chastain
Jan 30, 2000Poetry Open Mic w/ host James Lee
Feb 4, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Rainey & Drumm Duo
Feb 5, 2000Far From Home
Feb 6, 2000Art Reception for Mark Evans
Apr 11, 2000Nob Hill Boys
Feb 12, 2000Ritt Dietz, with Joe Meisel, Steve Burke and Turner Collins.
Feb 18, 2000MiLkBabY
Feb 19, 2000Ned Massey w/ Eric Hester
Feb 25, 2000Open Mic w/ host, Ben Reiser
Feb 26, 2000Mark Reeves
Mar 3, 2000Art Reception for Elly Griswold
Mar 3, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Dyna-Music Kia Karlen, french horn Ander Svanoe, alto saxophone John Hellerman, soprano and tenor saxophone, Geoff Brady, drums Steve Timm, poetry, spoken word
Mar 4, 2000Biff 'n' Blunt
Mar 10, 2000Ben Reiser w/ Larry O. Dean & The Frozen Noses
Apr 11, 2000Twig's Tricycle w/ Transient Camp and special guest opener, Pablo.
Apr 17, 2000Mambo Surfers
Apr 18, 2000Adrian vs. Mom
Apr 24, 2000The Justin Planasch Group
Apr 25, 2000Amelia Royko sings the songs of Andy Ewen and Jonathan Zarov
May 1, 2000Joel Paterson
May 6, 2000Mother Fool's presents and WORT 89.9 fm welcomes... Mrs. Fun CD w/ Your Mom SRO Starlight Theater in the Madison Civic Center.
May 7, 2000Operators & Things
May 8, 2000Area Man w/ Ripley Caine
May 14, 2000Marlee MacLeod w/ Green Lime Dog & Paul Kothheimer
May 15, 2000Jeff Kowalkowski w/ Bob Jacobson
May 21, 2000The Mary Janes
Apr 22, 2000Yammer
Apr 23, 2000WORT Remote broadcast w/ RTQE & The Weekly World NoiseWORT's Sunday evening experimental and avantgarde flagship programs RTQE and The Weekly World Noise drop anchor at Mother Fool's for a live nontelevisual broadcast in wall-to-wall monaural featuring sounds by DJ4'33", Jeff Snyder, Tom Hamer, Operators and Things, the remote Adam Cain, Joanne Powers, and Zonk. Stop on down or tune in to 89.9 fm. Will Madison ever be the same?
Apr 24, 2000An evening of jazz...A Standard Jazz Trio featuring Mark Siegenthaler on Piano, John Mesoloras on Bass, and John Driscoll on Drums
Apr 25, 2000Alterra Coffee RoastersRepresentatives from our coffee roasters will present information about Sustainable Harvest coffee growing, organic production methods, and fair trade. They will talk specifically about the organic Mexican Kulantik Coffee that we serve here and will show slides of the farm in Chiapas that it comes from. We will brew up some for everyone to sample!!.
Apr 25, 2000Noam Paco-GasterNoam will be performing his world-famous interdimensional-wormhole-opening and interpersonal-connection-enhancing Universal Body Movement Revue.
Apr 26, 2000'Zine makingWILD CHIRP magazine editor/publisher Carl Johns explains the basics of independent publishing, including layout, printing, and distribution.
Apr 26, 2000A discussion on Anti-Germanism in the United States, led by Thor TemplinThe history of the United States is coloured by attacks on various cultural and ethnic groups. Much of this history is kept from the general public and is locked away in learned books. Anti-Germanism has its roots in the colonial period (Ben Franklin wanted the German language outlawed) and continues to this day. This presentation will focus on Anti-Germanism at its height - from the 1896 to the 1950s - to the present era including topics such as the WWI languages laws and persecutions, prohibition, internment of German-Americans during WWII and the media.
Apr 26, 2000T-Shirt (or other clothing) paintingYou provide the shirt, undies, etc. and the creativity and we'll provide fabric paint and a few stencils. We will also have a couple of cheapie T-shirts you can buy from us if you can't scrounge anything up. Hosted by Mother Fool's very own Heidi Nelson.
Apr 26, 2000"Horse Racing"solo dance improvisation by Andrew Fermside

One hour of moonlit machinations, handwoven spiral gyrations, and deliberate dance. Including footstomping, arm waving, deliberate missteps, hair pulling, tweaking, twiddling, diligent diddling and sweating sexual uncertainty.
Apr 27, 2000Radical Writers.2 Madison authors will read from their recent works. Sponsored by Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative.

Stephen Kantrowitz, born and raised in the Deep North, teaches the history of the South, the Civil War, and white supremacy at UW-Madison. He will be reading from his first book, "Ben Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy" (University of North Carolina Press, 2000) which deals with the history of white male supremacy and its discontents from the collapse of Southern slavery to the age of disfranchisement and Jim Crow. Tillman, born into a wealthy slaveholding family in South Carolina, spent his adult life attempting to recreate the world he had lost. As an anti-Reconstruction terrorist, he helped beat back black and white challenges to white supremacy; later, he took control of the state Democratic party in the name of "the farmers." During two terms as governor and four as U.S. senator, he steered a complicated political course between conservatives and Populists, seeking a balance of local control and state-level reform that might protect white men and their households from federal intrusion, "Negro domination," and the machinations of the Northern "Money Power."

Craig Werner, Prof. of African-American History, UW-Madison, will be reading from his widely acclaimed "A Change is Gonna Come - Music, Race and the Soul of America." The book chronicles more than forty years of black music and its impact on the broader culture from the 1950s forward. Highly praised by a spectrum extending from Henry Louis Gates of Harvard to rock legend Bruce Springsteen, Werner's account tells us a great deal about who we are.

Have a cup of java, hear some words, and get your book signed!!
Apr 29, 2000Rose Blade w/ Marina V.
May 5, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Audiotrope
May 12, 2000Far From HomeCeltic.
May 20, 2000NoahJohn w/ Aaron Scholz
May 26, 2000Open Mic starring Ben Reiser
Jun 27, 2000Yid Vicious
Jun 2, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Brad Towell and Joseph Lehner
Jun 3, 2000Andy Ewen & Doug DeRosaMother Fool's 5th Birthday Celebration!!
Jun 4, 2000John C. TurmelTalk and discussion about local currency systems.
Jun 7, 2000Harry BrighouseBook Release Party And Going Away Get-Together for Harry Brighouse
Jun 9, 2000Madison HOURS Benefit!Ritt Dietz and Friends w/ Brian Daly and Ben Reiser
Jun 10, 2000MiLkBAbY
Jun 12, 2000Jazz In The Box
Jun 16, 2000Sometimes Y
Jun 17, 2000Stephanie Rearick w/ Diana Darby
Jun 23, 2000Tret Fure
Jun 24, 2000Jim Schwall
Jun 26, 2000Jazz In The Box
Jun 30, 2000Open Mic w/ host Ben Reiser
Jul 1, 2000No Imagination
Apr 7, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Victor Friedes w/ Michael Breneis
Jul 7, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Victor Friedes W. Michael Breneis
Jul 8, 2000Americay
Jul 10, 2000Jazz In The Box
Jul 14, 2000Paul Kotheimer
Jul 15, 2000Larry O. Dean w/ Brenda Weiler
Jul 16, 2000Art Reception
Jul 21, 2000Tautologic
Jul 22, 2000Nad Navillus w/ David Chastain
Jul 28, 2000Open Mic w/ host Stephen Lee Rich
Jul 29, 2000Joel Paterson
Aug 1, 2000Art Reception for Thomas Robichaud
Aug 4, 2000Madison Music Collective presents... Tomato Box
Aug 5, 2000Diana Darby
Aug 11, 2000Ed Anders Quartet
Aug 12, 2000Brian Daly w/ Amelia Royko
Aug 14, 2000Jazz In The Box
Aug 18, 2000The Mary Janes w/ Aaron Scholz
Aug 19, 2000Liquid Mama
Aug 25, 2000Open Mic
Aug 26, 2000Bob Wiseman, Andy Stochansky and Jesse Harris
Aug 27, 2000Stephanie Rearick and Bryan Tippons2 piano concerts.
Sep 2, 2000Dangerous Odds
Sep 8, 2000Yid Vicious
Sep 9, 2000Apartment
Sep 10, 2000Art Reception for Lora Donahue
Sep 15, 2000Zonk
Sep 16, 2000Victor Freides
Sep 22, 2000Ritt Deitz w/Joe Meisel and Steve Burke
Sep 23, 2000Andy Ewen and Frankie Lee
Sep 29, 2000Open mic w/ host Brian Daly
Sep 30, 2000Tomato Box
Oct 1, 2000Jon Arnold's Art Reception w/ Zonk, Operators & Things, and Arnold/Pow!ers
Oct 6, 2000MiLkBAbYw/ Darren Sheppard
Oct 7, 2000Jim Schwall
Oct 10, 2000Calvin Johnson w/ Brenden Massei
Oct 13, 2000Tiny Hairs w/ JoAnne Pow!ers
Oct 14, 2000Joel Paterson's Wabash Jug Band
Oct 20, 2000Marlee MacLeod w/ Stephanie Rearick
Oct 21, 2000Ethan Sellers, Justin Planasch and melaniejane
Oct 28, 2000Doug Hoekstra w/ Kat Parsons
Nov 3, 2000Erica Mather Trio
Oct 4, 2000Larry O. Dean w/ Josh Ritter
Nov 7, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Nov 10, 2000Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul
Nov 11, 2000Far From Home - Final Show
Nov 12, 2000Reception Event for Art Show - Photographs from East Timor
Nov 14, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Nov 17, 2000Dyna-Music
Nov 18, 2000Americay
Nov 21, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Nov 25, 2000Open Mic w/ host Stephanie Rearick
Nov 25, 2000Stuart Davis
Nov 25, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Dec 1, 2000Weekly World Noise presents... Hal Rammel w. Wyman Brantley, DJ 4'33", JoAnn Pow!ers & Dave Pederson, and Zonk
Dec 2, 2000Rebecca Riots w/ Kristine Pettersen
Dec 5, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Dec 8, 2000Honor Among Thieves
Dec 9, 2000Grant Langston
Dec 12, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Dec 16, 2000Yid Vicious
Dec 19, 2000Randy Hoecherl
Dec 22, 2000Rose Polenzani
Dec 23, 2000Stephanie Rearick
Dec 26, 2000Randy Hoecherl - Classical Violin
Dec 29, 2000Open Mic w/ Joey Zarda & June Holte
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