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Jan 4, 2014Matt Blair - $5Join the Matt Blair Trio for a night of live jazz at Mother Fool's. The Trio, comprised of all local musicians, will be performing unique takes on classic jazz standards. The Trio consists of:

Will Greene-guitar
Matt Blair-keyboard
John Christensen-double bass
Jan 17, 2014Brianna Lea Prueltt - $6Folk singer-songwriter from Gold Country, California, Brianna Lea Pruett's sound reflects a mix of experience and influence. Born in the mountains of Northern California, her indie-minded folk and blues, informed by Appalachian roots and mixed heritage, strikes a unique chord.

With a voice that is fresh, raw, yet smooth and somehow familiar, Brianna Lea Pruett sews several genres together seamlessly in her own classic crafted material. Pruett has been compared to Gillian Welch, Ryan Adams, and Mazzy Star. She is accompanied by banjoist Wes Murphy.
Jan 18, 2014Tim Haub, Doug Derosa, Frankie Lee and Andy Ewen. - $6Tim Haub and Doug Derosa currently have the Honky Tonk band Dollar Bill And The Bucks. Tim is also a member of the band Jim James And The Damn Shames. He has also worked with New Orleans style piano master John Chimes. Frankie Lee goes all the way back to the "70s being part of the Wi. music scene. He mostly worked with the cream of the crop Blues-oriented players in Wi. Paul Black, Mel Ford and Billy Flynn are just a few of the luminaries he has worked with.

The music of Honor Among Thieves is rooted in the blues, but strays into klezmer, bebop and beyond, backed with hypnotic, funk-laden grooves. Over the past three decades the band has amassed a broad repertoire and wields it with passion and spontaneity, making each performance unique and engaging. mbers: Andy Ewen—lead vocals, guitar Doug DeRosa—bass, vocals Randy Hoecherl—violin, vocals Joey B. Banks—drums.

So the combined efforts of Andy, Doug, Tim and Frankie is a virtual smorgasbord musical genre experience.
Feb 1, 2014Yid Vicious - $7Seven dollars for adults, free for kids
Benefiting the Adam Greene memorial fund at www.directrelief.org

The Polar Vortex returns!

Here’s how it happens in January 2014, according to the National Weather Service:

"The coldest temperatures in almost two decades will spread into the northern and central U.S. today behind an arctic cold front. Combined with gusty winds, these temperatures will result in life-threatening wind chill values as low as 60 degrees below zero. Also, heavy snow will develop from the eastern Plains to the Great Lakes today, with up to a foot of accumulation possible. ”

So it is now. Brrrrrrrr! And so it was…then.

In 1996, the intrepid Yid Vicious ventured out into the cold bleak gusty life-threatening darkness of the last polar vortex to bring exciting Klezmer to the freezing masses. On that frozen Groundhog Day a tradition was born, a tradition that lives today, eighteen years later.

Eighteen. Yid Vicious is eighteen. They’re eighteen and we don’t know what they want. They don’t always know what they’re talking about and it feels like they’re living in a world of doubt. But they’re eighteen and they like it, like it, love it, love it.

And maybe you will, too! If you attend the annual Yid Vicious Groundhog Day Kleztravaganza! There will be music, cheer, jamming, remembering, and paying tribute to a dear departed friend. All for a nominal cover fee and in close proximity to the best coffee that will ever meet your cold, parched lips.

If you’re feeling eighteen again, or are eighteen, or are under eighteen and wonder what it feels like (see above), please feel free to join us. Let’s get together and burn this polar vortex down, yo!
Jan 25, 2014Quietrise - $5Quietrise is Joshua Garner. Pennsylvania-grown electro-folk music. Bleeps and bloops mixed with folk melodies and meaningful lyrics. Joshua has performed in PA for many years in a number of different bands, but has finally settled into his favorite genre mash-up. Now living in Madison, he has started performing around the area. He makes electronic music accessable, and first and foremost, listenable. If you like singer-songwriters with a twist, come on down!

Jan 31, 2014Magic Mic w/ Rev. Andrew MazurGong Xi Fat Cai!

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Soon it will be the Year of the Horse (finally!). Come shake off the Year of the Snake with us. Show us your stuff, or just watch. Our mic is open for any and everything*. Mandarin encouraged.

Sign-up at 7:30pm. Free.

The majesty of the horse and the cunning of the snake. And coffee. *No Wagon Wheel.
Feb 21, 2014Brennan Connors & Stray Passage with the Sockrates Carnival of Sock Puppet Morals and Logic - $6Brennan Connors & Stray Passage is a jazz trio lead by saxophonist Brennan Connors. The ensemble embraces free and structured improvisation, original compositions, and groove based experiments. Geoff Brady (Yid Vicious) is featured on drums and percussion; BC Grimm on Contra-cello (and a variety of Chinese string instruments). The breadth of the group ranges from focused minimalism to fiery high energy music, all while maintaining a sense of narrative organization throughout performances.

For this performance, the Stray Passage will be joined by the Sockrates Carnival of Sock Puppet Morals and Logic. The Sockrates troupe employs dialogue, music and socks to convey the wealth and breadth of the human (and sock) experience. This performance will feature such talents as lead puppeteer Kia Karlen, along with Maggie Weiser, Steve Burke, Alex Burke, Jonathan Zarov, Lisa Marine, and probably more. This show will feature selections from the Willy Street Co-op Reader and other venerated texts.
Feb 22, 2014The Reverend Eddie Danger - $6Edward Stanton Lemar, known to most as The Reverend Eddie Danger, is an award-winning singer/songwriter, playwright, multi-instrumentalist, wedding officiant, story teller, & festival organizer. Ed Live-loop-samples 4-part vocal harmonies plus the guitar, didgeridoo, piano, pump organ, flutes, sax, various percussion, ukulele, and more.

Ed has been traveling the world collecting instruments and sharing his music for almost 2 decades. His music, stories & theatrics are a favorite among music festivals, art fairs, barn dances, college radio and concert series.

Songwriters contest winner KVAMA 2011 & 2012, and Great River Folk Festival 2012, and Rivers & Roots Festival 2013.

"Dangers most important instrument is his voice: He scats and oomps and sings through clever compositions, sounding not unlike anti-folks answer to Bobby McFerrin!" -THE ONION

"Danger is effective and environmentally aware electro-folk with an acoustic, almost spoken word vibe that reminds one of the late Frank Zappa's monologue inflections." -MAXIMUM INK
Feb 8, 2014Hanah Jon Taylor and David Adler - $8
Apr 4, 2014Erik Brandt and Noah Riemer - $6Fundamental/House of Mercy Recordings artists, Erik Brandt (of the Urban Hillbilly Quartet) and Noah Riemer (Duke Otherwise, Ticklepenny Corner), will be performing in Madison at Mother Fools on Friday, Oct 4th. Brandt and Riemer have performed all over the USA in recent years as solo acts, duos and with their respective bands. Brandt has also toured in the UK, Australia, France, and the Canadian Maritimes solo supporting the release of his solo albums: including his latest The Long Winter.

Brandt’s music has been influenced by and compared to: Americana powerhouses The Jayhawks, Gillian Welch, and Uncle Tupelo; Georgia’s Vigilantes of Love; UK’s The Waterboys; Australia’s Paul Kelly and Canada’s Bruce Cockburn.

Riemer’s music has been compared to Over the Rhine, Tom Waits and They Might Be Giants. Riemer has earned a lot of notoriety and success lately as his kids’ music alter-ego, Duke Otherwise.

In concert, Erik performs mostly original music on the acoustic guitar, piano and accordion. He has been playing the greater Midwest music scene since 1995 and he and the Urban Hillbilly Quartet have been regular visitors to Madison. Noah will be playing guitar and drums at this concert and the two musicians will play solo as well as accompany one another.
Feb 15, 2014Leah Jee w/ Mark Adkins - $6 Leah Jee is infusing the music scene with her original style of pop rock with a punk twist. With her drive, creativity, and amazing vocal and musical abilities, Leah Jee is coming full force. Born and raised in Southern California, Leah’s music reflects her deep west coast roots. Having lived in Milwaukee, WI for many years, Midwest overtones are also definitely apparent in her songs. An accomplished singer, guitarist, songwriter and lyricist with a stack credits to her name, Leah strives to capture the essence of life experiences into song.

Fully believing music can change the world, Leah works hard to perform and promote campaigns, benefits and charities with very worthy causes. Growing up in Southern California was hugely influential for Leah Jee as a musician and a performer. From the So Cal mentality to the musical styling of the west coast, Leah is the Midwest girl with California roots, ready to rock you out. Music is her passion, and one look at her up on the stage or listening to one of her songs makes it evident - she is here to share that passion with you. Leah will make you believe her mantra, “I’m Leah Jee, and I’m here to rock you out.”

Mark Adkins is a multi nominated and 4 time Madison Area Music Awards, winner.

Currently performing as a solo artist his music is dark, ethereal and transports listeners to and through the darkness, soothing listeners as they come out the other side.

"Mark Adkins is a compelling performer. He sets a mood that sweeps everyone up into it." - Pat Pattison, Berkeley School of Music.

Feb 14, 2014Matt Owen & The Eclectic Tuba w/ Stephanie Rearick Jr. - $7Matt Owen and The Eclectic Tuba is an instrumental psychedelic space-funk group that originated on Mars and migrated toward Birmingham, Alabama in early 2012. The Eclectic Tuba takes the audience on a joy ride through the cosmos with trippy lights, ripping synthesizers, funky tuba loops, latin percussive grooves, and soaring saxophone solos. Currently, Eclectic Tuba is on their "Intergalactic Domination Tour", across the United States, promoting their new album "Intergalactic Domintaion", featuring Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Amanda Palmer, & Jake Ingalls of Spaceface & The Flaming Lips.

Stephanie Rearick brings her "Junior" show to Mother Fool's for one night only! Using a Boss Loopstation, casio keyboard, trumpet and vocals, Stephanie create lush pop soundscapes.
Mar 28, 2014Slam Up Tour - $5Slam Up is an innovative mix of comedy and poetry through music and spoken word featuring Cali Bulmash and Emily Lowinger. They'll rap, sing, spit (poetry), & grab you by the heartstrings with their tales of the many shades of love-- requited, unrequited, gay, straight, queer, or, well, just "creative."
Feb 28, 2014Rob Ganson - Poems from the Great Divide - freeRob Ganson, author of four volumes of poetry, will read selections from his new book, 70% Water, Poems from the great divide, as well as sign copies of his books. Rob is highly involved in the struggle to save the water and air of the Northwoods from the threat of a proposed mountaintop removal mine. With Rob comes the symbol of the Penokee Hills Light Brigade, the gifted water drop.
Mar 1, 2014Vedic Eden w/ Peasants Abroad - $5Vedic Eden is a 7-piece Mystic Folk-Pop ensemble formed by composer Jaems Murphy in 2011. The members of Vedic Eden come from different musical backgrounds and that is clearly represented in their unique sound. Through the use of hypnotic guitars amidst layered vocal harmonies and playful percussion, they create a whimsical world of both wonderment and nostalgia.

Their newest release "Mono No Aware," tells a story of a traumatized soul making its way through the dark night of being into a realm of understanding. Lyrically, the story of “Mono No Aware” is an expression of love and liberation from fear. Musically, Vedic Eden tells the story of roots music as it has traveled around the world, from northern India to Ireland to the Appalachians where it merged with Native American music and culture and then infused with a low-fi 1960's folk-rock vibe.

Peasants Abroad performs a Turkish Fusion style of music - steeped in tradition and interpreted with our own unique experiences and tastes. The current band lineup has solidified to include Nazario Chickpeazio on oud , lavta and flute; Richard Miller on traditional percussion such davul, tar, and darbuka; and featuring Rana Regina belly dancing.

Mar 15, 2014Magic Mic w/ Rev. Andrew MazurThe theme this month will be break-up songs/stories and teenage love poetry. Show us your stuff, or just watch.

Sign-up at 7:30pm. Free.

And coffee and cupcakes.

*No Wagon Wheel, please.
Mar 8, 2014peel a peel
Apr 5, 2014Mal-O-Dua - $6“French guitar sorcery”

What happened when Django Reinhardt met Merle Travis? A new style of acoustic swing was born!! Well…actually that never did really happen. However, that is the blending of styles that Mal-O-Dua is built on. The duo pulls from a wide range of sources including western swing, Gypsy jazz, Kentucky finger picking, Parisian waltz, early French pop, Hawaiian slack key, and the American standards songbook to name a few. These styles are blended to create a fresh new sound.
Apr 11, 2014The Werewolverine w / Luke Arvid - $6Three things happened that made Ryan start writing songs: He and his wife moved to a weird beautiful old farm. He made a dulcimer out of a cigar box. A very heavy thing fell on his head and messed him up pretty bad for a while. Then another thing happened: He met Laura, John, Matt, and Anneliese. They liked making music together so they started playing shows. Now they've made a record, too.

Listeners have said The Werewolverine reminds them of these artists: Low, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Silver Jews, Magnetic Fields, Smog. Someone recently described their sound as "noise folk." That sounds about right.
Apr 18, 2014The Star Bandits - $6We are a traveling duet learning what it means to be alive and writing song , meeting people and letting love be our guide . Banjo and guitar playing a unique bluegrassy - folk style.

We met in Madison and have traveled around with our voices and instruments and are now returning to Madison for this special show in our favorite neighborhood.
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