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Jan 2, 2015The Madtown Poetry Open MicThe Madtown Poetry Open Mic, hosted by Ron Czerwien at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse, welcomes all forms of poetry. Each month a featured reader is showcased for 15-20 minutes, followed by the open mic. Readers in the open mic are invited to read their original work for up to five minutes. Sign up starts at 7:00pm and the event begins at 8:00pm.

For over ten years Ron hosted poetry readings as well as an open mic at Avol's Bookstore in Madison. His poems have appeared both on-line and in print journals. His manuscript, "The Office of Uncomfortable Admissions," received an honorable mention in the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Contest. Ron serves on the board of The Council for Wisconsin Writers, and sells used and out-of-print books on-line under the name Avol's Books LLC. If you have questions about the open mic, call Ron at 608-255-4730, or email him at avols@chorus.net.
Jan 3, 2015Matt Blair Trio - $6Join the Matt Blair Trio for a night of live jazz at Mother Fool's. The Trio, comprised of all local musicians, will be performing original music and unique takes on classic jazz standards.
Jan 17, 2015Glitter Kitten w/ Allison Merten- $6Allison Merten is a singer-songwriter and one-woman band in Madison, Wisconsin. She released her debut album, TEMPTATION, in January of 2014. When she performs, you will hear an acoustic fusion of indie-rock, folk, and pop. Doing music has always been Allison's dream. She's excited to share her music with the world!Half sparkles. Half charisma. 100% kitten.

Glitterkitten - We are an all-female group that plays fun, emotionally connected, occasionally-poppy, occasionally-dark, folky, smoky alternative rock music. Glitterkitten features full drums, bass, electric guitars, and keyboards, with a viola rounding out our sound.

We all have past musical experience, gigging for years with bands in the Madison area and beyond. Ginny and Allison (Boob Dylan), Caroline (Femmefatale), Axis, (Sleep With Me, Santa), Sarah (Horses & Bayonets), and Taryn with many bands throughout her musical career.
Jan 16, 2015Elks Teeth & Rabbits Feet w/ Original Mechanical Mouse - $7This is an EP Release Party for Elks Teeth & Rabbits Feet. Billing themselves as "Folk Rock Noir" they conjure up a sound that quietly and methodically heavy. Big voices, some super quiet songs and some that will burn the place down. Featuring Leah Brooke and Blair Clark from The Sills.

"Original Mechanical Mouse" is making his third appearance at Mother Fools on Jan 16th. "Mouse" as his music friends call him is a third generation singer-songwriter but not a "roots" musician per se. His real name is Joel Collinsworth. His hardscrabble life in the working-class combined with indie music sensibilities drawn from artists such as Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, and the Shins influence much of his work. If you like songs that tell a story and paint the picture in your mind, while gripping you with rhythm and emotion, you'll like OMM. Joel has been compared to Bon Iver, Neil Young, and even Daniel Johnston among others.
Jan 24, 2015The Active Percussion Duo - $6The Active Percussion Duo was formed a long time ago by active percussionists Michael Brenneis and Geoff Brady as an excuse to bang cutlery together and call it art. Between long periods of inactivity the duo put a lot of time, effort, hard work, gumption, and creativity into finding new pieces of cutlery to bang together. Seriously, both gentlemen are accomplished bangers of cutlery....and composers and band leaders and film scorers and song writers and instrumentalists of many stripes. Attend this performance to see and hear the results of 15+ years of collaboration by two sensitive, brash, thoughtful, thoughtless, experimental, creative musicians.
Jan 23, 2015Mal-o-dua - $6“French guitar sorcery”

Mal aux doights or "Mal-O-Dua" means sore and weary finger from working!

What happened when Django Reinhardt met Merle Travis? A new style of acoustic swing was born!! Well…actually that never did ...really happen. However, that is the blending of styles that Mal-O-Dua is built on. The duo pulls from a wide range of sources including early French pop, traditional Hawaiian music, Gypsy jazz, Kentucky finger picking, Western Swing, Parisian waltz, and the American standards songbook to name a few. These styles are blended to create a fresh new sound.
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