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This month's art show is
by Wyatt Mulroe
"Artist Statement: I started painting in high school when I had to fill a void in my scheduling and so I chose to take an..."
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Next month's art show will be
"Names of Different Objects, Different Places, and Different People"
by Barb Priem
"Artist Statement: I first started making art four years ago. When I got out after a long nursing home stay, I found out that I..."
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Soup's On! Mother Fool's serves Green Owl Cafe soups. Always vegan and always delicious. You may choose either a mug or a bowl, here or to go.
Follow us at twitter for "soup of the day" info.

  • Colectivo Organic / FT Coffees
  • Green Owl Soups
  • NessAlla Kombucha
  • East Side Ovens Vegan Bakery
  • Batch Bakehouse Fougasse
  • Tummy Yummies Gluten-free Vegan Cookies
  • Divine Chocolates
  • & etc...

Upcoming Events in the cafe

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Fri, Sep 22
8:00 PM
Punt on Third - $6Punt on Third is a Minneapolis based trio that plays music inspired by various American Roots traditions, but with special attention to...more
Sat, Sep 30
8:00 PM
Freedom Night Open MicOpen Mic

Music / spoken word / etc

Sign up starts at 7:30

Host Angelica Engel...more
Fri, Oct 6
8:00 PM
The Madtown Poetry Open Mic w/ featured reader Susanna LangSusanna Lang’s most recent collection of poems, Travel Notes from the River Styx, was released in June 2017 by Terrapin Books....more
Sat, Oct 14
8:00 PM
Erik Brandt and the Urban Hillbilly Quartet - $7"These concrete jungle hayseeds from the wind-whipped plains of St. Paul are fervent eclectics, liable to wander into funk, Arabic, or...more

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Madison Metro Bus Stop Tracker WidgetUse our Metro Monitor linkmaker to customize your own real-time bus stop watcher. You can set it to track two stops with arrival estimates based on GPS. The same as our monitor in the cafe - except you can customize it for any stops you want.

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